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Coloring children often think of coloring children. The correct color is not always used, which means that someone suddenly has purple skin. It also often happens that there is no coloring within the lines. You must have experienced this with yourself, your children or with the children of acquaintances. It is such a well-known phenomenon that it makes sense that you immediately think of children when coloring. But nowadays there are also coloring pages - or even coloring books - for adults. For people of all ages, colors offer benefits, although they can vary enormously per age group.

Parents generally like to keep their children busy with a coloring page. Children learn about animals, the alphabet, famous buildings, vegetables, fruit and numbers, for example. By coloring them in and at the same time answering questions about the objects, they are creative and in the meantime they learn a lot. Ask simple questions such as 'what's the name of this animal?' and "what color is the strawberry?" is more important than you think. Moreover, children like to color, so they learn playfully. In addition, you can also relax for a while, because children are often very calm and happy when they start coloring.

Colors at school

Coloring is also often used in kindergarten. It is the ideal way to teach children what colors nature has to offer, by coloring trees, water and other things in the area. After coloring the children often go outside with the teacher to see in reality what they have just colored. This combination of course also works very well when children color animals and you end the coloring activity with a visit to the zoo, or with the coloring of fruit and then to taste this fruit.

In contrast to the coloring of things from reality, the coloring of numbers and letters stands, among other things. The imagination of the child plays a major role here. It can also help to display larger numbers actually larger than smaller numbers. This way the child learns that 5 is actually more than 2, for example. Children also love to draw their favorite things, think of super heroes or fictional creatures that they are fans of. There are millions of suitable coloring pages online.

Coloring Pages for adults

Coloring pages or books are also interesting for adults. Colors can help you relax or meditate and take you back to your childhood. The happy memories contribute to your state of mind. In addition, you use both your left and right hemisphere when coloring. The left hemisphere helps you choose colors logically, the right hemisphere contains your creative mind and helps you mix and match colors.

While coloring you can put aside all thoughts about your work at the end of a long day. It may just be that after a color session you have new motivation to get to work, or have a revelation and know exactly what to do. Coloring is a good way to bring out your creativity. This helps you in everyday things such as choosing clothes, but also in finding solutions to problems you have been dealing with for some time. In short, it not only makes children happy and calm, but also adults. And the latter group in particular needs it.

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